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Aluminum sheet for construction

The aluminum plates used in construction include single-layer aluminum plates, composite aluminum plates, curtain wall plates and other materials, usually referred to as single-layer aluminum plates (also called single-layer aluminum plates or pure aluminum plates), which are mostly used in architectural decoration projects. The use of single-layer aluminum plates is more common. Aluminum panel curtain wall is also a way of curtain wall. In short, it is made of aluminum panel instead of glass to make curtain wall. Aluminum panel curtain wall is mostly used for wall shielding and non-lighting walls.

coated aluminum coils

The international aluminum curtain wall has always used single-layer aluminum plate. Single-layer aluminum plate usually uses pure aluminum plate. The thickness of the aluminum plate is 3mm. In order to strengthen the strength of the surface of the aluminum plate, it is necessary to install reinforcing ribs on the reverse side of the aluminum plate (the existing manufacturers are uneasy). The reinforcing ribs are made of thick aluminum strips. The cap is welded on the reverse side of the aluminum plate, and then the aluminum bar used as a reinforcing rib is drilled into the screw and fixed with the screw.

In order to reduce the weight of the aluminum plate and increase the strength of the aluminum plate in China, we choose to add various alloy metals in the production of aluminum to enhance the strength and other characteristics of the aluminum plate. At the same time, the thickness of the alloy aluminum plate obtained at the end was reduced from the original 3mm to 2.5mm, and the strength of the alloy was about twice as high as that of the pure aluminum plate.

There are several types of aluminum panels that can be used for curtain wall projects in China's construction market, such as single-layer aluminum panels, composite aluminum panels and honeycomb aluminum panels. Clad aluminum sheets are currently widely used.

The curtain wall made of aluminum plate is a way of building the curtain wall. It is mostly used for the shielding of the wall and the wall without lighting, instead of the mosaic and glazed brick spraying the outer wall. Because the high-rise building itself shakes all the time, for a long time, mosaics and glazed tiles are easy to fall off, and the aluminum panel curtain wall is firmly suspended on the aluminum alloy frame with aluminum panels, so the above defects are not easy to occur.

Aluminum alloys used in construction are mainly : 3005,3105,5005,5050,5052.

3005    3105    5005    5050    5052   


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