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Why aluminum circle can be used to make cookware?

According to incomplete statistics, about half of the cooking utensils in the world are made of aluminum, because the use of aluminum circle to make cooking utensils can greatly increase the physical and chemical properties of the cooking utensils, making them better electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and heat resistance, So as to improve the guarantee of delicious cooking. Let's take a look at why high-quality aluminum circle can be used to make cookware.

aluminum circle

1. Good thermal conductivity

Since the cooker needs to maintain good thermal conductivity, because the food will not directly contact the heat source during the cooking process, the heat needs to be conducted through the cooker so that the food can be heated. The aluminum circle has high thermal conductivity, and it is used as the production material of cooking utensils. The produced cooking utensils can quickly conduct the heat of the fire source to the food, providing good conditions for cooking.

2. Strong corrosion resistance

Cooking utensils must also achieve chemical stability during the process of high-temperature grilling, which determines that the metal materials used in the cooking utensils should have a strict range. As a metal material with good stability, aluminum circle itself will not produce rust, and some other metals will be added in the production process, so that it has high corrosion resistance and can resist the corrosion of various substances, so that the produced cookware can meet the corresponding requirements.

3. Can meet the shape requirements

Due to the soft texture of the aluminum circle, it can be greatly extended. Therefore, when it is used to make various cooking utensils, various shapes and styles can be realized according to the design requirements. The thickness of the particles on the rear surface is uniform, and there are no bad conditions such as wire drawing, pad printing, scratches, etc., and it has a beautiful appearance.

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