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Aluminum Sheet for CTP

Aluminum Sheet for CTP

Alloys: 1050A, 1060

Temper: H18

Thickness (mm): 0.13-0.40

Width (mm): 650-1420

Length (mm): Customized according to customer requirements

CTP Aluminum Sheet is a computer direct plate-making product, which is a high-end product of PS sheet. Widely used in positive PS sheet, thermal CTP sheet, photosensitive CTP sheet, UV-CTP sheet and other printing plates. The characteristics of CTP technology have certain requirements for the quality of CTP sheet materials and the production base materials for CTP sheet, such as apparent quality, physical properties, and adaptability to electrolytic performance.

Aluminum Sheet

Requirements for the apparent performance of the base material for CTP Sheet:

The basic requirements for the appearance of the aluminum plate base are cleanliness, flatness, absence of cracks, corrosion pits, points, air holes, scratches, folds, printing marks, peeling, loose dendritic patterns, oil stains, and other defects. The surface should not have non-metallic impressions, adhesions, transverse skin, transverse lines, and other defects. Slight color differences, bright stripes, bulges, leaf edges, and other phenomena are not allowed.

Requirements for the flatness of the base material for CTP sheet production:

(1) The gap between the unrolled surface of the aluminum coil and the plane should not be greater than 1mm, and the number of waves per meter of unrolled surface should not exceed 3;

(2) Side bending should not exceed 1mm per meter length;

(3) The aluminum coil should be compact, the end face should be neat, and there should be no cracked edges or burrs.

Allowable thickness deviation: +0.003mm

Allowable width deviation: +0.5mm

Allowable length deviation for plates: 0 to +1mm

Bending of the edge (strip): <0.2mm

Allowable deviation of the diagonal: <2mm

Average surface roughness Ra: 0.17 ~ 0.21μm.

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