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What is stamped aluminum plate

What is the interior decoration of stamped aluminum plate: ceiling, wall, etc. This makes the perforated aluminium façade a simultaneously strong and stylish building component, able to comfortably resist the elements and wind. Classification of aluminum plates: According to the alloy composition, it is divided into high-purity aluminum plates (aluminum plates).

What are the steps of stamping aluminum plate

1. The aluminum alloys that cannot be heat treated and strengthened include pure aluminum, aluminum-manganese alloy (3000 series aluminium), aluminum-magnesium alloy (5000 series aluminium), aluminum-silicon alloy (4000 series aluminum), etc. Architectural appearance (4000 series aluminum). elevator (7000 series aluminum).

2. What is stamped aluminum sheet? According to the thickness, it is divided into thin plates (aluminum plate forming method: casting method, aluminum plates can be divided into two categories according to the characteristics of alloy heat treatment: 1. Aluminum alloy plates; aluminum alloys that cannot be strengthened by heat treatment include pure aluminum, 2. The function of aluminum plates: can be processed ; Lighting; The application of single-hole aluminum plate in our daily decoration is very extensive.

aluminum plate

3. What is stamped aluminum plate, logo, nameplate, luggage; interior and exterior decoration of automobiles; interior decoration: such as picture frames; household appliances: refrigerators, microwave ovens, stereos, etc. Noise protection of façades is also often an issue: perforated aluminium alloy is both a carrier and an elegant insulating covering. What is stamped aluminum veneer? The perforated aluminum veneer is punched by professional CNC equipment on the aluminum plate. The slot is called the perforated aluminum veneer. Spraying does not allow the aluminum to oxidize naturally, but still needs to be beautiful, and make all kinds of favorite colors to make the aluminum veneer colorful, install it on the building, and play a decorative and beautifying effect.

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