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Aluminum diamond checker plate grade 5086

Aluminum diamond checker plate grade 5086 stand for the aluminum checker product with diamond pattern on the surface and the aluminum alloy of 5086. The aluminum 5086 belongs to the 5000 series Al-Mg rust-proof alloy, and the magnesium content generally does not exceed 7%. As the magnesium content increases, the alloy strength will also increase. The 5086 rust-proof aluminum is usually used in annealed and cold hardened or semi-cold hardened state. Due to the action of magnesium, the density of the 5086 aluminum is larger than that of other aluminum alloys, and it has good corrosion resistance.

5086 aluminum is a relatively wide aluminum, it is more durable and has high strength. Therefore, it is widely used in ships, automobiles, airplanes and military products. The aluminum diamond checker plate can also be called diamond tread plate or diamond checkered plate. The diamond pattern aluminum tread plate has beautiful appearance, can be anti-slip, strengthen performance, save steel and many other advantages, and is widely used in transportation, construction, decoration, equipment, floor, machinery, shipbuilding and other fields. Generally speaking, the mechanical properties requirements of the diamond aluminum tread plate are not high, so the quality is mainly represented by the pattern rate, the pattern height, and the pattern height difference. But aluminum diamond checker plate grade 5086 has good mechanical properties, so the application is wider, if the application area has high mechanical properties requirements, the 5086 aluminum diamond checker plate is more suitable.

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