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Aluminum 6000 Series alloy for the Car Body

6000 Series alloy is heat treatment can strengthen the aluminum alloy, with high strength, good plasticity and excellent corrosion resistance. Compared with the steel plate, 6000 series T4 plate yield strength and tensile strength similar to the hardening coefficient even more than steel.

At present, 6009,6016,6010 and 6061 aluminum alloy because of its good plasticity, and in the paint after baking process can be achieved during artificial aging and obtain high strength and other characteristics, is used in automotive body panels and inner panels.

Audi A 8’s body plate with the Department of aluminum alloy. In addition, in order to enhance the vehicle’s ability to cushion and enhance the anti-fatigue strength, Germany VAW, Japan KOK, China Southwest Aluminum are based on this alloy, developed and developed a high-performance automotive aluminum and aluminum. At present, 6000 series of alloy body for the main body.

HAOMEI Aluminum also devote themselves to research and development of automotive aluminum, HAOMEI Aluminum 6061 aluminum, 6016 aluminum, 5083 aluminum, 5182 aluminum, HAOMEI Aluminum has “SGS automotive aluminum certification” “weapons and equipment quality management system certification” quality assurance.